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 Shan earned his Bachelor's Degree in Administration of Justice and subsequently earned a Master Canine Trainer Certification from the National K-9 Learning Center of Columbus Ohio.

There he learned many disciplines of dog training, including Pet Obedience, Assistance Dog for the Disabled, Scent Detection and Tracking, Search and Rescue, Personal Protection, and Police K-9 Training. At National K9, Shan trained under Scott Mueller, a founder in the training of support dogs for disabled individuals.

Shan also certified a dual-purpose Explosives Detection and Patrol dog with the Department of Defense and was deployed to Iraq as a private contractor to train and handle working canines. Shan retired from the Colorado police force as a K-9 Officer and Sheriff.

He currently owns and operates as head trainer at Country Pet Inn in Sheridan, Wyoming. Check out our Facebook page to see Shan in action!

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