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After years of suffering from severe mental illness, I finally found an organization that helped me to get my service dog, Annie. She has changed my life, and helped me to function in my “new normal”. She helps me to go out in public, and warns me to people near me, helps me feel safe and comfortable in every situation.


She is so in tune with me personally, and she knows exactly what to do and how to get me out of situations that trigger any reactions. She stands behind me in lines, or in stores while I am looking at things, she blocks people from getting near me, and is always aware of things around me so that I don’t have to be constantly on guard. She knows when I get overwhelmed, and gently brings me back to a more manageable mental place by giving me a little extra attention. I can’t stress enough how much of my life she has given back to me. She is so intuitive, and she is my very best friend.


I can’t imagine my life without her. She is a wonderful service dog, but once the vest comes off, she is just the most amazing pet. She plays fetch endlessly and is best friends with our daughter and other dogs, and even plays with our cat. My husband even lets her take over his spot in the bed from time to time (even though she has her very own super luxurious “space”).


Every morning, before we leave for the day, Annie meets me at our basket, where we keep her vest and leash, and collar. She always eyes her toys, hoping for a little extra play time, but she sits and waits patiently for her vest, and off to work we go. We go everywhere together, and she has yet to disappoint me. She even sits patiently for me when we go to the gymnastics gym, even though I know she wants to badly to play with the little ones. I couldn’t be happier with my little Annie, and thank you so much for helping me, and giving me a chance to have a better life.  


Update: in 2022 Morgan became a member of our board!

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